Apr. 1st, 2012

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okay so in the first dream I was still in high school. shinee was inexplicably also going to the school despite the requirements to get into my school like you kind of HAVE to live in illinois. but anyway they were there and apparently we were semi-friends? my cats were fighting and my cat managed to cut my brother's cat so apparently onew went all vet on them?? and then it was raining and I was chilling outside without an umbrella and minho was like wtf are you doing and I was comfortable so I was like whatever :| and then he picked me up and forced me to go inside and I was like WHAT IS GOING ON and then it was pizza day in my cafeteria which is also illogical because a) our cafeteria never had pizza days and b) the pizza SUCKED anyway but w/e I got all excited because I got to pick toppings. so we ate pizza and then something happened idr and then we went to a pumpkin patch and I was like this is a small pumpkin patch because it was like literally five feet long and wide.

SECOND DREAM. my mom came to korea and we went to etude house, which if you don't know shinee endorses. also my mom knows I like boybands but she does not know who shinee is. there was an announcement that shinee was having a fansign at etude next week and I was like OH NO I'LL BE IN JAPAN THIS IS TERRIBLE and then key literally walked out the back of the store and said hi to us in english. and my mom, not knowing who shinee is, just kept talking to him in english like it was nbd and I was like OMG MOM YOU CAN'T JUST /TALK/ TO KEY but he was cool. and then jonghyun walked out and I visibly wilted a little and my mom tried talking to him in tourist korean to get him to talk to me and I was like omg someone please kill me and then jonghyun got up in all my personal space and was like 반가워요! which is like...nice to meet you and I was....really embarrassed but I said hello. and then everyone else came out and jongho sat together sharing a sweater and I was like that is probably really uncomfortable but why the hell do you ship each other so hard. ontae didn't say anything :( key kept talking to my mom in english and I was mostly speaking korean to jongho (omg speaking korean in dreams!!) I told them I couldn't go to the fansign and I was sad and they were all :(((((( and then finally we had to leave so we said bye to all of them and then jonghyun spoke english to me which if you don't know I am obsessed with hearing jonghyun's english because he never speaks english so I was like 8D and then my mom gave him some kind of gift and he was like "omg leader gift!!" and I replied in korean "you're not the leader" and he changed it to like singer gift or something and I was like omfg you are so stupid why do I stan you again.

tl;dr I have weird dreams.


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