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nautisch ([personal profile] nautisch) wrote2010-07-19 02:27 pm

uh oh.

hi guys, so for the next week I'm gonna be in michigan with no internet and very little phone reception. basically, I can only get internet when I drive to panera, which I'll be doing to do homework/placement test, communicate with people about my cbb, and buy smtown la tickets. if you need me, you can try and text me if you have my number, email me, or comment on this entry. I'm sorry :(

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just letting you know i am totally going to email you after work about your cbb! sorry it took so long ;__;

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no it's totally okay! don't rush :)

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Don't goooooooooooooooo. *makes grabby hands*

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ahh i shall email you! since apparently i like composing emails in the dead of the night so :| i will email you randomly :| yes :|

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take care and enjoy ♥

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have fun~

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i will miss you!! :( have fun though~

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have fun and take care! i look forward to your cbb :D