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wassup la (aka smtown la...thing)

okay first warning: I don't have any pictures :( which, yes, is entirely my fault. I charged my camera and then forgot the vital step of PUTTING THE BATTERY BACK IN. so yeah. I suck. I'm sorry. if it makes you feel any better, since the stadium was dark and the lights were insane there are very few pictures that would have come out well. anyway.

also, weirdly, it ended two hours earlier than I think smtown seoul did? although I think that might have been a combination of a) the afterparty, b) la transit being a douche and ending really early and c) the staples center being like gtfo idek. I honestly didn't mind that much. we still got a LOT of special stages and eargasms.

the good news is that I got there just fine, taking the train. we got a hotel for after the show and then I came back to school this morning. and then collapsed onto my bed. I hate los angeles, shittiest city in the entire world, but I'll do it for you, smtown.

I tried to do the account in chronological order and then just failed. so uh, here first is the list of everything that was sung, although some names of songs I really don't know.

j-min- two songs

sunday/dana- two solo songs and my everything

zhang liyin- I will, this other song idr :(

kangta- two (?) solo songs, duet with go ara, onew randomly appearing

f(x)- lachata, chu, nu abo, mr. boogie

trax- cold-hearted man, two other songs that I don't know but were really good T__T

heechul, henry, and jay- I think it's a song by ivy? something sonata?

trax + changmin (~trax max~)- it MIGHT have been wild soul but I don't think so

krystal and jessica- tik tok

kyuhyun/seohyun duet

zhou mi/luna duet

yesung/jonghyun duet (ftts)

lee yeonhee- solo with taem on piano

ryeowook/onew duet (the name I loved)

badass dancer stage- taemin, eunhyuk, hyoyeon, luna, yuri, yoona, sooyoung, donghae, shindong, minho lol wtf (but mostly the first four)

rapper stage- minho, key, eunhyuk, shindong

shinee (at various times) - stand by me, get down, replay, juliette, ring ding dong, up and down, quasimodo, lucifer

snsd- run devil run, kissing you (rock version), himnae, genie, oh, gee

super junior- SUPER GIRL, no other, miinah, sorry sorry remix, don't don, dancing out, u, that one indian sounding song from don't don

yunho and changmin- dbsk medley (the way u are, RISING SUN, o?, mirotic), two solo songs

boa- my name, I did it for love, dangerous, energetic, 옆 사람 (stand by), hurricane venus

everyone- ending song THAT WASN'T LET'S GO ON A TRIP :(

okay anyway. now I about things.

I have no idea who j-min is, but she played the guitar and sang really well. she explained (in english!) that she's mostly done songs in japan, so that's probably why we don't know her. but she was really good and went first.

DANA AND SUNDAY WERE AMAZING. sunday was really cute and she was like "hi! I'm sunday! :D" my everything was flawless. zhang liyin was amazing too :(

I got really excited when I heard the first few notes of lachata. I LOVE ALL OF F(X)'S DANCES T____T and then like, shrieked when luna started singing, girlcrush forever. no amber :(

they all introduced themselves in english, and victoria said a few words in chinese, and then krystal was like "we're really honored to be here and now I'm going to introduce my sister jessica :D" so then they did tik tok and it was so hilarious I was dying. their choreo was really cute though, probably better than kesha's choreo tbh :| and minho came out for chu, which made everyone scream, although I definitely fell out of my chair laughing when krystal was like MINHO!!!!

KANGTA WAS AMAZING. he had a lot of stage presence and...swagger idek and he and ara's duet had this adorable skit where they kept randomly finding microphones everywhere. ARA IS REALLY PRETTY. so then the entire stadium started screaming and I was like wtf and then I realized onew was on the stage giving ara a mike lmao. and then he like, bowed to kangta and left idek so cute :( ara and yeonhee were both really impressive as singers.

the trax were really great too ;; they did cold-hearted man first and I was really impressed, and then they kept doing better and better with their other songs. jay spoke english ^____^ and in general he was pretty great.

I think this was when kyuhyun and seohyun did their duet? you could barely hear kyuhyun over all the screaming jfc, but seohyun did a really good job of projecting over everyone. seohyun, jonghyun, onew, luna, key, and ryeowook were the easiest people to hear/the ones who were the best at projecting. and of course whenever changmin...screamed you could definitely hear that. but their duet was really cute and when they held hands I was like :33333 omg :3333

ZHOU MI AND LUNA'S DUET WAS SO CUTE AHHHHHHHH DKGjDFLKGKDLFJ zhou mi was wearing a suit and glasses and was dapper and tall and his voiiiiice and luna had this cute pink dress and they stood next to each other and the height difference was the cutest thing in the world :(

heechul did this song where he screamed and flailed a lot but it was also pretty great, and it started with henry playing an ELECTRIC FUCKING VIOLIN. I'm almost positive he kissed henry during the song, or made it look like he did, and according to someone else he kissed zhou mi too. oh heechul :D

when I heard the first notes of stand by me, I didn't know whether to laugh or 8D. the song reminds me so much of senior year and wasting my time watching bof with sloth, even though I hate listening to it lmao. but jonghyun and onew were so nice to listen to 8) and they were the first group to really...mingle with the fans. can I just say now that JONGHYUN IS A SPAZ. if they're not dancing he's like, nodding his head and having a minor seizure in place. and then my friend was like "he's really short" SOBBING he's so cute :( and taem and minho have literally no singing parts in stand by me so they looked really bored :( but they sang replay next and I guess they weren't so bored then.

after replay they introduced themselves. they said "hi we are shinee!" but didn't introduce themselves separately so I didn't get to hear jonghyun attempt english :( but onew asked key to say something in english and I don't remember the exact phrasing but it was like "our name means to receive light and tonight we've received a lot of light from you guys so thank you" idek IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER. and then he was like "are you ready for the next song?" and then like shrieked ARE YOU READY at us like three times because it was get down and apparently this made him very happy. this is also when minho started having a seizure on stage and didn't stop for the rest of the concert T_____T and hearing key say "I'm the cool cat" live was...kind of great. and onjongtae just...flailed their arms and tried to look cool. and then they did juliette, and I forgot how cool the choreo was T___T

lee yeonhee's solo was this english song, and her english was pretty bad but her singing was really good. taem played piano for her and so whenever his face was on the big screens people just started shrieking, and he was just like shyly smiling and minding his business. sobbing I wanted to take him and luna home with me :(

for the rapping stage, minkey and eunhyuk and shindong walked through the crowd (but not by us) and then onto the stage. minho continued to have a seizure! and eunhyuk was pretty badass. but that's to be expected I guess.

sobbing when yesung and jonghyun came out for their duet I was like "oh hey jonghyun lol who the fuck is that oh it's yesung oops fail." yesung should just stick to holding out notes, because his voice sounds better then than when he's like...trying to be all swaggery idek :\ jonghyun is flawless, and that's not even bias talking okay.

snsd had the cutest outfits for run devil run :D they were these hooded sparkly black dresses idek they were adorable. jessica's hair looks really good! sooyoung's...doesn't T___T I think tiffany might have gotten botox in her cheeks or her wisdom teeth removed or something. if the former, DO NOT BE BOM. they introduced themselves in english and then tiffany asked us if we were having fun and then said she was nervous :3 :3 :3 but then she was also like it's really great to be here! god bless you all! and then they changed their outfits on stage (not a big deal, they had their next outfits on under the dress) and tiffany was like sooyoung can you introduce the next song? and sooyoung said "the next song is kissing you" in a really adorable korean accent T______T during kissing you and then later during himnae they didn't dance in formation, but fany and yuri were closest to us and they were doing the dance in place and it was really adorable :3 :3 :3 :3

the first song suju did was super girl 8) they did the korean version and everyone except heechul took part, which was...surprising. henry still had his dance solo, but yesung took zhou mi's part and I was like >:||||| but the dance is so great sobs. NO ONE BOOS HENRY IN THE UNITED STATES. they introduced themselves, eeteuk in korean, zhou mi in mandarin, and then henry was like "hey guys it's really an honor to be here we're living the dream are you guys excited :DD" he was kind of awkward and definitely speaking on the spot but it was cute. and then siwon was like WASSUP LA!!!! and then asked us if we were "having enjoying" and he gets points for trying and then he was like GOD BLESS YOU and I was like lol ty siwon. then henry and mi left and they did no other and miinah.

I'm pretty sure boa did my name first, and then talked to us exclusively in english. her english sounds really bad when she's singing, but when she's just talking she sounds fine, if a little severe with her r's. she seemed really, really excited to be here. and then cries during I did it for love key came out for the guy's part and they stood next to each other and HE. LOOKED. SO. BIG. I mean he's not short and I already knew he had broad shoulders but he looked gigantic next to boa and really, really manly. I'd hit it.

the dancer stage was SO. BADASS. first it was just taemin, then taemin and eunhyuk, then hyuk, taem, luna, and hyoyeon. at this point I was practically screaming GRIND ON EACHOTHER but they didn't :( then luna, yuri, yoona, sooyoung, and hyoyeon did a dance to that one go girl song (shake them dice and roll em or whatever?) and I was like lol so gangsta. and then the boys came back, now accompanied with shindong, donghae, and minho (LOL WHAT) and they all danced together. I still wish hyohyuk and taemluna had done some grinding but I'll take what I can get :\

after this they showed this video that was all SMP! SMP! and then there were a few lipsynched performances. ring ding dong and nu abo were obviously lipsynched, and I think genie and sorry sorry were also but I'm not sure. I have to say though, snsd's genie outfits were fucking adorable. I was really scared that this meant the rest of the performances would be lipsynched too, but thankfully that wasn't the case. I think it was right after ring ding dong that onew did the name I loved, although I'm not gonna lie I didn't see the point in him doing it with ryeowook :| it's not like ryeowook sang badly, but it's...onew's solo. but onew was still flawless :|

F(X) DID MR. BOOGIE. IT WAS FLAWLESS. LUNA IS AMAZING. jonghyun was really hilarious to watch during up and down, he was just...flailing in place but I was still like :Q________ it was neat to see the whole song live instead of just the part they did on music shows 8D

homin's entrance was pretty epic. there was this huge booming voice that was all DONG BANG SHIN KI and then they were raised on these wires up to the top and then just made jesus poses and floated around for a good minute. the entire stadium was FREAKING OUT. I bet some people had problems with them introducing them as dbsk, but I saw it as like...a glimmer of hope idek. and I :")-ed whenever I saw TVXQ! on the little ticker going around the stadium.

they did this cute medley of dbsk songs first, with the way u are, RISING SUN (!!!!!! DANCE BREAK!!!!!), o I think?, purple line (LOL YUNHO'S GAY DANCE) and mirotic. during mirotic changmin did yoochun's rap and I laughed a little except then he did his scream and I was like :OOOOOOOOOO changmin has really bad hair by the way. the sad thing though was during part of mirotic you could hear jaejoong and junsu's voices really, really clearly, almost as if they were backstage. for the rest of the concert, homin were so mindblowing that you almost forgot there were three members missing, but in that moment it was like a huge blinking JAECHUNSU ARE NOT HERE sign. in retrospect, the fact that homin didn't sing any ballads was a minor indicator as well. homin did two solos after the medley that I didn't recognize. and then homin were like "hi! we are DONG! BANG! SHIN! KI!" and then changmin was like "...thank you very much" and they left the stage and I was like LOL WHAT WAS THAT MIN.

the next stage was suju doing don't don but then there was a surprise and halfway through it became ~trax max~ (not even kidding that's what they called it) and heechul was on drums with the trax and changmin was singing and screaming with jay and halfway through he just...ripped his shirt apart. my friend who doesn't know dbsk that well was so impressed with him, and of the two changmin actually rocked the stage a lot more. yunho's dancing was good but that's pretty much all he did, and I wasn't close enough to really see his gorgeous face :\ idek but it was cool!

suju did dancing out and u (!!!!!!!!) and I was so excited for u you guys don't even understand. during dancing out sungmin and shindong were like goofing off in this little corner together, doing sweet dance moves, and hyukhae were doing really ridiculous fanservice. at one point, siwon wasn't wearing anything except a blazer, and I got a really good look at his abs. they are really defined D: this one girl was waving around a little cutout of heechul's twitter icon, and he literally took it from her and waved it around for the rest of the show LMAO also during u, sungmin took a fan's camera and took a picture of himself during his solo, then gave it back to her. LUCKIEST GIRL EVER :((((

snsd had really cute outfits for oh :( and for gee :( and of course tiffany changed the beginning of gee to fit la because she is adorable :(

quasimodo was really, really pretty :( all of them did a great job and jonghyuuuunnnnnn :((((( him and onew did their part in making up for jaesu not being there, let's just say that. and lucifer was GREAT sdlkgjdfl sobbing :(((( I was like, bouncing up and down in my seat.

BOA BOA BOA!!! she got her own introduction video. there was a problem with the sound system when she first came on, and it was playing dangerous and energetic at the same time lmao. and boa was like "I can't hear my voice!" in her cute little english and sounded so distressed. and then she sang dangerous and afterwards someone came out and touched her mic and she was like "okay now I can hear my voice :D" so cute :(((( and then she sat on a chair and was like "this is really really special for me, I always wanted to perform here and also I just released hurricane venus, and it's really special because it's my tenth anniversary :DDD" and then she was all "this is my favorite ballad" and sang stand by. and then they...took the chair away and she did energetic and hurricane venus. she ROCKED both of them like crazy. the stadium exploded during hurricane venus.

boa stayed in her outfit, but then everyone else came out in the smtown shirts and started singing the last song. onew and kyuhyun were hanging off of each other for the entire thing. boa had a solo line and donghae was like, cupping her chin and then she poked him like "gtfo" and it was adorable :((((( luna spent the whole song in front of my section waving at people like the cute little thing she is :( can I just put luna in my pocket :( jonghyun took a ginormous camera from a fan and took a picture of a few snsd girls and maybe minho and then gave it back and I was like ldkfgjdfl so jealous :(((( I don't see how people think he's an asshole, he only had three functions the whole night: herp derp, charismatic, and adorable :( I'll have to watch fancams to see what other people were doing, but I mostly just watched onkyu and luna because they were right in front of me and I couldn't find jonghyun :\

after the song ended, everyone pretty much loitered on stage for as long as they could. minho and a few members of suju took a picture at the end and onew ran back to them except...not in time for the picture LMAO. snsd and shinee stayed behind after everyone had gone off to say hello to the crowd one last time as a group, and then eeteuk and one other person were the only people left on from suju and they were just like "....WE ARE SUPER JUNI-EOYO!" by themselves lol. after the concert was over we loitered around trying to find the heart-shaped smtown confetti they were releasing from the air, and we succeeded! mine broke though so I have to tape it back together. and I managed to secure a few abandoned balloons and glowsticks :D

other than the obvious seeing smtown live part, they left a huge impression on me because of how hard they tried to speak english exclusively throughout the show. at kmf nicole said "are you guys having fun?" like twice and nichkhun introduced himself in english, and one older singer spoke english but that was really it- all the announcements and mc dialogues were in korean, and most of the artists didn't even try. it sounds bizarre, but at smtown I felt like, as an english-speaking fan, I actually mattered to them. even if they just said "my name is ____" or "thank you" it made a huge difference. I think boa, tiffany, siwon, henry, krystal, and key made a big impact on the english-speaking fans because of this, boa, fany, and henry especially, because you could tell they were nervous and it was really sweet. key's english has improved, too, his pronunciation is really good and he talks pretty quickly in comparison to say, siwon and boa. likewise, zhang liyin/zhou mi/victoria got huge reception from the chinese fans when they spoke mandarin. idek I just really, really appreciated them even trying to speak my language. it made the whole concert that much nicer :")

THIS IS OBSCENELY LONG AND PICTURE-LESS I'M SORRY. if any of you guys have been watching fancams or seen some cute pictures, please send them to me because I don't have any :(

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heechul, henry, and jay- I think it's a song by ivy? something sonata?

omg lmao i cannot even. did they really oh god. IVY'S SONG LMAO PLEASE TELL ME THEY DANCED TOO

also omg your fan account is seriously the most hilarious, i cracked up so many times

and then like shrieked ARE YOU READY at us like three times because it was get down and apparently this made him very happy. this is also when minho started having a seizure on stage and didn't stop for the rest of the concert T_____T and hearing key say "I'm the cool cat" live was...kind of great. and onjongtae just...flailed their arms and tried to look cool.

laughing so fucking hard wtf minho why are you having a seizure what is his life. also omg key ;___________________; omg you heard cool cat live ugh i love rap battle get down ;___________; also LMAO "APPARENTLY THIS MADE HIM VERY HAPPY" idk your comments are just hilarious okay -_-

also him shrieking are you ready why are you so great key DID NOT REALIZE I LOVED HIM THIS MUCH -_-

also rap stage omg minho wtf seizures

ALSO WHY WAS YUNHO NOT IN THE DANCE STAGE ;____; but lol at you wanting them to grind. i see how your mind works, katie. i see.

and I :")-ed whenever I saw TVXQ! on the little ticker going around the stadium.

omg ;______________________; i am like aldfkjashdf so emotional over your fanaccount of dbsk even if they weren't on for that long alskjfhasd fugh omg ;__________; BOYS AND THE WHOLE "JAECHUNSU IS NOT HERE" ngl my friend and i were all "they should have magically appeared and jumped out behind the scenes to make everything great" ;_____; omg dbsk alskfjahsdf getting emotional again great -_- still want more closure ig? sobs ;___;

omg but so happy changmin had fun on stage and rocked it ♥ aksldjfh sobs my boys alsdjfh ew i'm so gross okay stops it

and then asked us if we were "having enjoying" and he gets points for trying and then he was like GOD BLESS YOU and I was like lol ty siwon.

lmao i read this part out to my sister IDK I WAS SO AMUSED AT YOUR LOL TY SIWON lmao siwon waylt!

ALSO BOA IS THE CUTEST THING EVER, seriously she is so A+ idek ;__;

oh man i thought i didn't really care about smtown la but reading your fan account is making me all ^___^ heee ^___^ and ;____; at the same time :|

also your post just made viva and i have a ten minute conversation consisting of her whining about how perfect krystal is and us discussing sm artists we like aka YAY KEY YAY KRYSTAL YAY LUNA YAY EVERYONE sobs :| she very much appreciated your post too. :|

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I KNOW THE NAME NOW. temptation sonata. they didn't dance, heechul just flailed and screamed and kissed people but it was really really great.

NO KEY WAS SO EXCITED AND FLAWLESS. I forgive him for calling nicole fat :| okay no I would still slap him but then I would pinch his cheeks afterward :( minho was excited too, but in a like...seizure way lmao.

WHO WOULDN'T WANT TAEMIN AND LUNA AND HYOYEON AND EUNHYUK TO GRIND. think about it :| yunho's dancing is too feminine for their dance battle lol jk

changmin was really great though :D he seems like the most beat up over the lawsuit but on stage he seemed really pumped! one of my friends was like "THEY LITERALLY EXUDE PHEROMONES" re: homin lmao.


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DBSK MAKING JESUS POSES WHAT EVEN. but :( i have been like this since jyj's album came out omg. :( also jjong sounds like the cutest thing ever :((((

also i am so jealous of you! :( but i'm glad you had a good time sobs. ;;

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aaaah jyj's album came out? should I listen? I miss jaesu so much :((((

JONGHYUN IS SO CUTE and herp derp cuddles him :(

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yes!!! it is beautiful. :(
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that one indian sounding song from don't don
lol and now i can picture suju singing jai ho xD

omg you are so lucky, gurl! and ngl i used to be all meh at "stand by me" before, but after i heard them sing it live (AND THAT JONGYU MOMENT AKJSFSDK) i kinda fell in love with it. i would've bawled if i was in your place, lol.

glad you had so much fun! :D

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I've always thought miinah sounds really indian, too. except like a...bad indian song. :\

lol stand by me is associated with a lot of good memories, so even though I dislike the song itself hearing it live was like..semi emotional LMAO sobs.

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but yes she is accurate, I very much enjoyed your post ALSO KRYSTAL IS PERFECT AND WHY IS EVERYONE IN F(X) GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok anyway.

ahhhhh everyone sounds adorable. and I am totally jealous that you got to see hyukjae irl lmfao :( first bias :(


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krystal is so great :((( I would put her in my pocket too. and lol hyuk was stylin in his jacket thing, and his dancing/rapping is a+

DOESN'T HE. he stood next to boa and I was like...:99999 he was so cute oh my god :(

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even though i got to see this in seoul, i wish i had been there for the la show. especially now that you talk about how much english they spoke. ;-;

also i think the reason they had onew perform the song with ryeo is because the song is originally a duet. and a performance with ryeo would have been better than using a backtrack for the other part.

omg i am so jealous of that, btw. because chacnes are in la ryeo's mic *wasn't* missed up and you could probably hear him. *hunts down fancams*
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were you really lost at smtown seoul? I would have been ;; I was totally lost during kmf and nobody translated for me :|

you could hear ryeowook really really well throughout the whole thing! his projection skills are pretty great. oh and sobbing that...makes sense.

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xD i understand a tiny bit of korean but i basically zoned out when they talked. lol

his voice projection is just plain amazing. i was so upset his mic wasn't working at smtown in seoul :(

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lol same. and the really extended korean dialogues at kmf were way over my head so I didn't even bother trying to understand :|

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8D yeah i remember at kmf, all i really understood was when brian introduced chaeyeon as sexy and cute

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SO JEALOUS. I'M JUST RADIATING JEALOUSY IDEK. :((((((((((((((((((( i have not had any fancams linked to me yet but i saw one photo of luna and zhou mi! they're so cute :(

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THEY WERE REALLY ADORABLE THE HEIGHT DIFFERENCE :((((((( hugs you. and your cute mi icon.

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my mi icon is only cute because it's mi :( i also need a luna icon alsdkfnlflaskdfn. SOBS WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE. i heard mi wore glasses 8]

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hjgdfkgalkgj I love your little comments, sobs. I was loling and awing and sighs, I wish I was there, it sounds like you had the time of your life. :(

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sobbing I'm just...really lucky. in the right place at the right time :\ have you watched any fancams? I...haven't for obvious reasons but they looked good?

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I was really impressed with his english. first that he said anything at all, and then at what he said I WANTED TO HUG HIM he was so cute during their little introduction :(((( and during I did it for love dklgdhfl

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I think I only missed RDD (I've yet to see a fancam of it, for some reason), but everything else they were on I've seen already. They looked like they were having so much fun too, I'm really glad. AND THEY DIDN'T LOOK TIRED, THAT MADE ME VERY VERY HAPPY.

I'm a lucky fan (:

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LMAO thanks for talking about me and my friend in your fanaccount haha
I’m the girl that screamed loud enough for Sungmin to turn around and take my friend’s camera in the 4th floor. He didn’t actually take a picture because it was on video! You can see the fancam here: