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kacts list- nautisch

I am so vanilla, I don't even know why I'm doing this. porn is welcome but NOT a must by any means.

1. AUs- pro sports (bonus points for well-executed tennis au), college, royalty/courtesans
2. disorders/special powers and skills (special powers with equally positive and negative sides)
3. domesticity
4. sex/making out/anything with clothes only partly on
5. awkward/unintentionally funny sex

fandoms and pairings:

shinee: jonghyun/minho, jonghyun/onew, jonghyun/taemin, onew/minho, key/minho, taemin/minho

snsd: jessica/tiffany, tiffany/anyone, sunny/sooyoung, seohyun/anyone

beast: kikwang/hyunseung, kikwang/junhyung, junhyung/doojoon, doojoon/kikwang, kikwang/dongwoon, dongwoon/anyone

super junior: kyuhyun/sungmin, eunhyuk/donghae, kyuhyun/donghae, sungmin/donghae,

dbsk: jaejoong/yoochun, yoochun/junsu, jaejoong/changmin

crossover pairings (includes all groups above + f(x), big bang, cnblue,, boa, 2ne1, iu, shin sekyung, jang geunseok): jonghyun/kyuhyun, onew/hyoyeon, taemin/krystal, changmin/jessica, onew/yonghwa, changmin/tiffany, jay/jessica, heechul/yoona, sungmin/sooyoung, onew/doojoon, jonghyun/junhyung, heechul/geunseok, minho/luna, luna/iu, jonghyun/sekyung, yoochun/boa, in beast, top/dara

snsd, seohyun/tiffany, super powers

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sorry for reposting :( i forgot to add the title

Ever since she can remember, there's been a voice in her head, and it's been telling her other people's thoughts.

Her first memory is grainy and black-and-white, like an old period film, with everyone moving around her in slow, excruciating motion. Her mother's lips move up and down, saying something (Perhaps we should get you a new frock), and thinking something else (she spoiled the last one I bought her, after all). It's banal, but Seohyun remembers her mother's thoughts like the back of her hand.

She can hear the neighbourhood bully's thoughts as he pushes her off the swing (that wimp, I'll have to shut her up before she starts crying), and she can hear the nerdy guy a few seats ahead as he pens what he thinks are anonymous love notes to her (dear Seohyun— or should I start with my love Seohyun?). She can hear the teacher's first thoughts as an oral test is announced in class, but she shuts herself off quickly before Tiffany's looks can get any more withering.

You're lucky to have such a great power, sighs Tiffany, looking longingly at Seohyun. If only I were you, she says, wringing her hands. If only.

I wish you were me, says Seohyun sincerely, then you'd understand. But Tiffany only scoffs at her like she can't believe Seohyun. I can't believe you, she accuses, shaking her head slowly. You can't be serious.

I am, insists Seohyun, offering a small smile, but Tiffany misses it — because Taeyeon comes up behind Seohyun then, all smiles and fond clappings on Seohyun and Tiffany's shoulders, and Tiffany lights up like the lights on a Christmas tree at her sight. She also thinks something, and although Seohyun tries to shut herself up, it's too late: her chest feels clammy, and her heart lands with a thud, like it's too heavy.

(Taeyeon looks really beautiful today)

Re: snsd, seohyun/tiffany, super powers

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omg thank you so much ;~~~; I love all of snsd but these girls are the closest to what I'd call favorites, and them together is just too cute &hearts and I liked how you approached seohyun's powers, it was exactly what I was craving, thank you thank you &hearts
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Re: snsd, seohyun/tiffany, super powers

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i really like this. the description of her first memory is lovely, as is the last paragraph. and the final line is such a punch to the gut, in the best way possible. i like how you portrayed the negative side of having a power instead of the positive and how seohyun deals with it all. basically this is great :)
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minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [1/2]

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this isn't set in any particular culture at any particular time period, mostly because if i started researching i'd never stop, lol. i really enjoyed writing it, though, and i hope you like it just as much :)


minho can't get enough of luna. it's been that way since the day she first arrived at court, shy and blushing behind her fan. she isn't shy anymore—quite the opposite, in fact—but she still blushes sometimes, when she comes to his chambers. for all that she pretends to be worldly, luna is still just a girl, bright-eyed and curious. it's why she's his favorite, why within six months of her arrival she had the freedom most courtesans didn't have until they had been there for years. there's something about her that endears her to people, whether they like it or not. minho himself had been captivated by her smile, the roundness of her cheeks and the way her eyes folded up into themselves.

he's drawn out of his thoughts by a quiet knock on the door. it opens a moment later to reveal luna standing there with that very smile on her face, wrapped in layers of sumptuous silk brocade. he drinks in the sight as she closes the door behind her and moves around the room to make sure all the candles are lit. she kneels at the altar of the love goddess when she's done, a stick of incense joining minho's before she finally comes to him. "my prince," she murmurs with a small bow.

"luna," he replies, standing. she smiles when he brings her hand to his mouth and kisses her knuckles.

minho undresses her slowly, slipping his fingers under each layer of silk and sliding it off to reveal more and more of her body. finally, she stands before him in nothing but a thin white slip. "minho," she whispers when he bends to press his lips to her shoulder. he feels goosebumps against his palms when he runs his hands down her arms to her elbow, pulling her closer. she pushes at the edges of his jacket, and minho shrugs it off at the same time that his mouth moves to her neck. she's at her most beautiful like this, already arching her back and offering herself up to him. she wraps her arms around his neck when he kisses her. he can feel the heat from her body through her dress, pressed up against him and shifting restlessly.

luna whines when minho pulls away, but it turns into a gasp when he scoops her up in his arms and carries her to the bed. she laughs when he lowers her onto the pillows, tugging him in for another kiss. he obliges, but breaks it after a few moments so he can pull off his trousers. he settles between her legs when they're gone and pushes her dress up over her hips, lips trailing from her navel down to the soft skin of her inner thigh. luna giggles breathlessly and strokes a hand through his hair when his mouth moves back up. her hips shift under the weight of his hands as he pleasures her, parting her folds with his tongue and dipping inside. minho knows every inch of her body by now, and he uses that knowledge to get her shuddering underneath him with her hands tight in his hair.

minho slides back up the bed to curl against her side, pressing insistently against her hip. luna lets him press kisses to her neck and shoulder until they start turning wet and silly, and then she laughs and pushes him onto his back. she straddles him, leaving a damp smear on his stomach, and puts a hand on his chest for balance as she reaches behind herself. minho groans when she sinks down on him and reaches for her thigh. her dress hides the place where they're connected, but he doesn't need to see it, not when she's so hot and wet and tight around him. he never gets tired of this—of her—no matter how often he has luna in his bed.
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minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [2/2]

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she rides him slowly, the strap of her dress falling down her shoulder to expose the swell of her breast. minho sits up, one hand behind him for support and the other wrapped around her waist, and pulls her close so he can kiss along her delicate collarbone. her skin is warm and flushed under his mouth. luna's head tips forward to rest against his, and they breathe together, in and out until minho's breath hitches and his fingers clutch at her hip. she strokes his hair when he presses his face to her chest. finally, he rolls her gently onto her side and pulls out, then gets up to snuff out the extra candles around the room. when he returns, luna's laying on her stomach with her head pillowed on her arms, facing away from him. her dress lays on the floor next to the bed. the flickering glow of the candle at his bedside makes her look almost ethereal, like a nymph out of the stories his nurse had told him as a child.

minho sees something else when he looks closer: a small crescent-shaped scar on her left shoulderblade, silver in the moonlight streaming through the window. he feels almost guilty when he notices things like that, that remind him how little he really knows about her. usually he doesn't ask—luna is open in many ways, but she is an exceedingly private person when it comes to her life before she arrived at court—but for some reason he feels compelled to now. so minho reaches out and traces a finger over the damp skin of her spine, making her shiver. "what's your name?"

he can see her cheek curve when she smiles. "luna."

"your real name," he clarifies.

she turns to face him, tossing her long, dark hair over her shoulder. "sunyoung."

"sunyoung," he repeats quietly. "it's pretty."

"it was my mother's name," luna tells him, looking down. "she died giving birth to me."

minho pulls her against his chest. "i'm sorry."

she shrugs. "i don't remember her. but my father says i have her smile."

"then she must have been beautiful," minho says, and luna proves it by beaming up at him. he leans in and kisses her again, one hand combing through her hair. "may i call you sunyoung? just in here, while we're alone."

she considers for a moment, then nods. "okay." she looks at him from beneath her lashes. "our little secret."

"i'll never tell," he promises. luna—sunyoung nods and settles her head against his shoulder. the last thing minho remembers before he falls asleep is the feel of her fingers intertwining with his.

Re: minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [2/2]

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AAAAH OH MY GOD. I am really impressed that you combined three of the things I wrote down and did it so well. and I was hoping someone would write one of my het ships :")

one of the reasons I debated making a kacts list was because porn usually does nothing for me, but this was different. it was het, which in this fandom is already rare, but the scenarios you used were refreshing and stood out, if that makes sense? it held my attention and then some, which porn usually doesn't do. and I love kissing so the amount of that in the fic was wonderful fgkldj.

even though this wasn't an indepth character study, I think you still portrayed them incredibly well. luna's playful but still innocent, in a way, and minho in spite of everything is a hopeless romantic. like the flickering glow of the candle at his bedside makes her look almost ethereal, like a nymph out of the stories his nurse had told him as a child. it's so him to relate a girl to a larger-than-life thing. and the end, omg:

the last thing minho remembers before he falls asleep is the feel of her fingers intertwining with his.

so perfect. this was basically wonderful and thank you so, so much, I'm now fully convinced no one writes these two better than you &hearts
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Re: minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [2/2]

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haha you know me, i can't resist minho/luna. and i love courtesan aus, so it was great being able to try that out. i'm so happy you liked it, i really did have fun writing it! and that's such a great compliment omg you flatter me :)

(also askflnds this is kind of awkward but i think i met you in the kpfm tinychat the other day? i was kookjong. i wanted to say something but i didn't want to ~out you or something, so i didn't. but yeah i just thought i should say something, haha ;;)

Re: minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [2/2]

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oh it's okay! I feel kind of bad because I feel like I was really awkward in the tinychat, and on top of that I get really anxious/nervous about being outed (I think I've had at least 10 nightmares about unanoning on meme, idk why) so I'm sorry if I seemed really weird :(
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Re: minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [2/2]

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you weren't awkward! and nobody would notice if you were lol, we're the most awkward group of people in the world. but really everyone liked you, so don't worry about it :)

Re: minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [2/2]

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lol I enjoyed the time I spent there, so hopefully I'll get to come on more :3

Re: minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [2/2]

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I think I've had at least 10 nightmares about unanoning on meme, idk why

PATS YOUR HEAD??????????????????

Re: minho/luna, royalty/courtesan au & sex with clothes on (+ a little domesticity?) [2/2]

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LOL MEGAN DON'T WORRY. I'm used to it now!

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How does a frottage college au sound?
I can do a JongHo or OnHo if you'd like. Just know that It might take awhile for me to complete it cause I tend to write long fics.

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jongho would be GREAT actually :") and I don't absolutely positively need porn, so if it bothers you you don't need to write it. take your time and thank you so much!!

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Oh no, of course it doesn't bother me, not at all. In fact I find it hard not to write porn.

I'll try to get it done for you as quick as possible.
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glandslam; jongho, jongyu!friendship (maybe?)

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Not complete, in any way. I won't be able to write the continuation until the end of Olymfics, but I will continue this!


It was the greatest rivalry of the century, and arguably the most anticipated match of a lifetime — Kim Jonghyun, world number one and the champion of the U.S. and Australian Opens and Wimbledon, was up against Choi Minho, master of clay and world number two, for the first time in Roland Garros, a bit too early into the tournament. This was a deciding match for Jonghyun; if he lost, it would mean missing the chance to snag the elusive French title for the fourth time in a row and risking his number one status for the first time in 128 weeks.

"Shit," Jonghyun mumbled as the realization hit him. He'd been waltzing his way through tournaments all these years yet always been struggling with the French. This had to be his toughest match yet, though, as he was down 4-0 in the third set, with he and Minho having a set each to themselves.

"Scared, Kim?" Minho asked just when Jonghyun had already positioned himself for the big serve. Jonghyun gulped down hard and gripped the ball tightly.

"You wish."

He released the ball into the air, drew his racket back, poised himself for an American twist, and braced himself for what was to come.

Jonghyun bolted from his bed. He had the same dream again. This had been his routine these past few weeks — dream of the 2010 quarter finals match against Minho, wake up regretting every tennis decision he's made from that point on, wonder if playing tennis was all a mistake, then check his phone for any news on the training or exhibition matches from his trainer. The calls and messages for exhibition matches had been steadily decreasing, and he was now at number three, a far cry from where used to be months back.

It was funny how a simple unforced error became his greatest downfall.

He was leading Minho by a set then, and they were at 5-2 in the third set. It was his service game, and he was two points away from winning the match. A service ace and Minho's features had gone from determined to exhausted. Jonghyun was going to win this, he was sure of it, and he just needed another point to win the match.

He tossed the ball in the air and served. It's a fault. These things happen, he told himself. It was probably the tension and excitement at work.

Another service and he's charged a double fault.

The rest of the match was a blur. He chose to forget what happened next, at least. The mere thought of coming so close to beating Minho for the French title was enough to send him to the deepest pits of regret, after all, and no way in hell was he going to allow himself to go back to his old, regretful self.

He came to this year's French Open with only one thing in mind — regain his number one status and beat Choi Minho in the finals — and that was exactly what he was going to do.

"Fancy seeing you here, Jonghyun!"

He came to the courts relatively early to set his mood, but he didn't expect to find Jinki here. Jinki, now seeded first in the tournament and second in the world, was one of his longstanding rivals prior to meeting Minho. Jinki was a good man — he was fair, a pretty good drinker and a quiet practice buddy. The only thing Jonghyun didn't like about Jinki was that he beat him in the Australian Open a couple of months back.

"Hey," Jonghyun said, offering a small smile. He gave Jinki a pat on the back. "Why are you here? Your match is until tomorrow, right?"

Jinki nodded. "Yeah, but I thought I'd check out some matches. I mean, I miss seeing you on clay." Jinki's voice drifted off, and he fixed his gaze on the ground. It was amusing, Jonghyun thought, how Jinki could be so blunt yet so mindful of what he says. It was also crazy, to a certain extent.

"Creeper," Jonghyun sneered, then let out a chuckle. Jinki shook his head, a smile slowly surfacing on his lips.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm a creeper, alright."

There were three more hours until the match began, so Jonghyun invited Jinki for coffee. Just one cup, Jinki reminded him, because they shouldn't be drinking too much coffee before a match. Jonghyun shook his head and chuckled. If he said anything else, he wouldn't hear the end of it.

Re: glandslam; jongho, jongyu!friendship (maybe?)

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in my headcanon jonghyun has always been djokovic (bias 1, meet bias 2) but this is great too because minho is the troll fucking up jonghyun's life, as always! and omg who is jinki supposed to stand for lmfao. sobs in your face :(

p.s. is sekyung mirka
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Re: glandslam; jongho, jongyu!friendship (maybe?)

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p.s. is sekyung mirka
OMG I LOLED SO HARD IRL i barely know anything about mirka, though! and omg lol i didn't notice the typos! gdi i should obvs pay more attention to spelling :(((

mm well i was hoping jinki would be agassi except he's not yet retired, lol. u c what i did thar. but standing-wise onjongho should be djokovic-federer-nadal. only standing-wise.

Re: glandslam; jongho, jongyu!friendship (maybe?)

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mirka is a gorgeous flawless classy angel aka sekyung I didn't notice the typos so you're fine. and oic, oic, just standing-wise. creepily imagines jonghyun and nole hitting together
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Re: glandslam; jongho, jongyu!friendship (maybe?)

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Lol trivalry ftw. I love the things these tennis people come up with, haha. And hmmm you're giving me ideas. I might... include Mirka I mean Sekyung somewhere along the way...

shinee, minho/jonghyun, superpowers part one.

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oh god, i'm sorry for this in advance. i haven't written shinee in a very long time, but i had to give this a shot :(

The first time they try to have sex, Minho accidentally sets Jonghyun’s zipper on fire. They’re just coming home from a bar, so they’re both kind of drunk, and they trip over the shoes in the entryway and fall against the wall before they can get too far inside the dorms.

He’s not even sure how he does it, except for one second, they’re kissing, and Minho can taste the bitter tang of alcohol on Jonghyun’s lips. He’s burning hot with want, thumbs crooked between Jonghyun’s jeans and slipping against his skin and wandering down to grip his ass.

The next, Jonghyun’s screaming and running down the hall to his bathroom with his jeans on fire where Minho’s hands had been. He leans his head against the wall, wondering for an instant if he’s dreaming, and stares after him while he strips, tearing off his boxers with his jeans in his panic. It’s the first time Minho gets a good look at Jonghyun’s ass, and it’s also the first time he realizes he can set things aflame.

Later, he gets to put lotion on Jonghyun’s burns, but then that fails when they discover that friction is what causes the fires to start. Jonghyun shoves Minho into the shower and orders him to stay under the water as he patches himself up and gets dressed. He calls the other members to get back right away.

It takes the other members half an hour to get back home, and the whole time Jonghyun keeps Minho under the shower. He’s soaked to the bone and his clothes are hanging on him like rags, but Jonghyun doesn’t take pity on him, no matter how many puppy eyes he gives him. Minho knows this is serious—he just set his boyfriend on fire--so of course he knows, but he also knows that his hands are so pruny they almost hurt, and he’s never felt so clean in his entire life.

They hold their emergency meeting in the bathtub. Kibum, Taemin, and Jinki sit on the floor while Jonghyun stands. Minho’s almost happy he caught his ass on fire for how miserable he feels.

“Can you really set things on fire?” Taemin asked, tucking a strand of red hair behind his ear as he stares at Minho with eyes far too large for his face.

“I guess so,” he says, shyly.

“Cool!” Jinki exclaims at the same time as Taemin, but Jonghyun is frowning.

“It’s not “cool”, how are we supposed to have sex if he burns everything?”

“You could have shower sex,” Kibum suggests, and Minho immediately closes the shower curtain.


Minho sits down at the table the next morning with his back aching because he was forced to sleep in the bathtub. The night before they’d tested his abilities in the bathtub, where they figured they were safe to test it, and together, they tested all sorts of things. The biggest problem is clothing. Kibum found some skintight leggings and a muscle shirt for him to wear, which somehow works if he pulls them on slowly. Even when sparks fly when it rubs on the hair on his legs, at least the leggings aren’t on fire. He can wear whatever he want over them, which is fine by him.

Taemin sits down across from him at the breakfast table and pours himself cereal. Minho steadily stares at the tabletop and doesn’t look up.

“So, now you’re really flaming charisma, I guess.” Taemin says, and Minho cracks a grin.


He accidentally sets Kibum’s wardrobe on fire when he goes looking through the closet for his basketball. The entire apartment complex ends up on the street while they put the fire out, and Kibum doesn’t talk to him for a week, until he helps him make dinner by cooking grilled cheese without a stove. He also roasts marshmallows with Taemin in their living room until Jinki sits on one.

Re: shinee, minho/jonghyun, superpowers part two.

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But though the other members seem accepting enough of Minho’s new power, Jonghyun isn’t, and he spends more and more time out of the dorm until Minho corners him one evening and doesn't let him leave, pulling him against the wall and lacing their fingers together.

“Please talk to me,” he pleads, and presses their foreheads together.

Jonghyun makes a noise in the back of his throat and doesn’t move. “You set me on fire, Minho,” he stresses.

“It was an accident,” he says, hurt, and lifts his head away. The light from the street outside glints off of Jonghyun’s eyes and even in the dark, he can see how frightened he is. “I’m not going to do it again,” he pouts, but steps away as carefully as he can. Jonghyun huffs and pulls his jacket around him, turning with his hand on the door. He turns back to him with an unreadable expression on his face, but Minho is left alone in the living room without knowing what it is.


He’s sleeping in the bathtub when someone turns the water on. He yelps, jerking from sleep and immediately covers his head with his hands. The light turns on and he flinches away, clenching his eyes shut.

“You’re right,” He can hear Jonghyun saying from the other side of the curtain. He hears the sound of clothes hitting the floor and pokes his head out.

“About what?”

“It was an accident, and I was scared,” Jonghyun said, now naked. He makes an impatient gesture with his hands. “Hurry up, take them off!”

Minho blinks, slow to the uptake. “I never said you were scared,” he says, and Jonghyun growls and climbs into the shower, nearly ripping his shirt off his back for him, so fast that it smokes even with the water going.

“Well, I was,” Jonghyun says, and pushes him against the wall so fast that Minho’s feet slip on the floor and they fall over with a huge crash. Jonghyun’s knee presses against his groin and Minho moans into the kiss. Jonghyun mistakes it for excitement and takes the moment to pull Minho’s pants off too. Wet hair clings to his face and Jonghyun’s breath smells like onions and bacon, but when he wraps his hands around his waist, he realizes how long it’s really been since he’s touched anyone, and can’t help but kiss back.

(The sex hurts more than either of them thought, but it’s more because the shower is too small. But Minho hums as he makes toast for breakfast, because instead of burns on Jonghyun’s ass, there are bruises. )

Re: shinee, minho/jonghyun, superpowers part two.

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the influx of jongho rn is making me so happy (whether it's writing or reading it, really, they're just so precious and underappreciated). although I like superhero fic in general, I LOVE it when the powers somehow suck or just aren't very useful. minho actually has a pretty awesome power and ontae are impressed, but then you use it to cockblock him and burn key's clothes which is basically perfect. and jonghyun being too manri to admit that he was scared is precious :3

thank you so much for this! :3333

Re: shinee, minho/jonghyun, superpowers part two.

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haha, i haven't ever written jongho before, but i think they're so cute♥ i agree, of course superpowers are awesome, but then you throw a twist into it, and that's what makes it so fun. :3 i'm glad you liked it! ;~;♥

snsd, seohyun, taeny (super powers) (1/2)

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Sorry for the repostage, I found a mistake I couldn't just let slide by the first time round -_-"


Her unnies know nothing about anything when it comes to teaching her about love and romance. Especially Tiffany who anoints herself of SNSD’s unofficial love advice guru, Seohyun actually has to stop herself from rolling her eyes when she goes on and on about how it’s time she should go out into the dating field and find herself a nice boy. Because, out of everyone Seohyun knows, Tiffany is the person who acts like a fish out over water when she’s the one being interrogated about her love life.

And, it’s not that she has anything against Tiffany unnie, it’s just that logically speaking Seohyun is the one who’s all-knowing and all seeing. Seohyun doesn’t do complicated in all her naivety and innocence and she knows what love is when she sees it. After all, she’s the one who holds the bow and arrow figuratively speaking, sometimes though she wishes the myth about the wings were true.

The point is, Seohyun is cupid and the unnies are silly for never having noticed.

So, yes, it may all be figurative in the sense that she has no bow and arrow and pretty wings to match- but Seohyun does possess that power that can make two total strangers think they were meant for each other. Except, Seohyun doesn’t just cast her love spells on just anyone, she’s always careful and meticulous because once she’s cast the spell, there’s no way she can undo it unless it involves breaking hearts, which she really hates because it’s like all her hard work has gone to waste.

Now that she’s been in Girls’ Generation for long enough she finds it oddly curious how Taeyeon pines for Tiffany but Tiffany either never notices or ignores it because it scares her. It’s not Seohyun’s fault that Taeyeon seems completely infatuated with Tiffany, sometimes people fall in love all on their own and sometimes it’s unrequited. This is the part where Seohyun should intervene because it makes her uncomfortable seeing someone look so completely pathetic over a person.

At first, she thinks it will be simple all she has to do is pull on her bow and shoot her hypothetical love arrow and that will be it. Except she doesn’t know how ethical it is to force Tiffany, who’s pretty much boy crazy, suddenly all obsessed over Taeyeon. A part of her will feel sorry for Tiffany.

She shakes her head. It gets complicated when it becomes personal, but she can’t shake the nagging feeling away that it’s not right. In the end she decides that maybe it’s not such a good idea.

Re: snsd, seohyun, taeny (super powers) (2/2)

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She finds Tiffany sprawled on their couch after late one night flipping through random channels on the TV.

Tiffany raises an eyebrow, “Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?”

She shakes her head and takes a bite out of her sweet potato, “I’m hungry.”

“Oh.” Tiffany nods and stops on a channel where there’s a couple about to kiss and she sighs. “See, Juhyun. Don’t you want something like this?”

Seohyun looks at the screen and laughs, scrunching her nose in disgust, “No.”

“You’ll know what I mean when fall head over heels for a boy.”

Seohyun sighs.

“What?” Tiffany asks slightly offended, “Do you think I’m wrong?”

“No unnie,” Seohyun replies, “It’s just, sometimes, don’t you feel like you think you know a lot, but you actually don’t at all?”

“I still know more than you do,” Tiffany teases, poking her tongue out at Seohyun.

“Well,” Seohyun says as she looks around the room, “What if I told you I was cupid, would you still think that?”

Tiffany chuckles disbelievingly, “Don’t be silly. If you were cupid, I’d be with someone you’d think I was perfect for by now.”

“You see, unnie that’s the problem, if I had it my way you would be but then I was nice enough to consider how you would feel about it because that person might not be perfect for you.”

“How generous of you,” Tiffany mumbles.

“Anyway, I see you’re looking uncomfortable, but you always do and I’m getting kind of tired.” Seohyun announces taking the last bite, “Maybe you should talk about it with her in the morning."

“With who?”

“You know who, you know everything right?” Seohyun winks and prances off to bed, half proud that she didn't have to resort to using her powers to fix her problems. Tiffany, on the other hand is left feeling a little jiffed that Seohyun knows a whole lot more than she lets on and wonders if she is actually cupid, but decides against when she realises Seohyun has no wings or an affinity for archery.

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crying seohyun WOULD be too nice to use her powers to put people together. and I love the irony that although seohyun seems pretty uninterested in romance herself, she's somewhat in control of the romance around her. :3 thank you so much for writing this!

Re: snsd, seohyun, taeny (super powers) (2/2)

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lol np, I figured Seobb might have the most logical outlook on romantic relationsihps considering how aromantic she appears to be sometimes.

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I wrote a short oneshot for you on my journal. I think this is considered a fill. :)