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nautisch ([personal profile] nautisch) wrote2011-05-17 05:07 pm

kacts list- nautisch

I am so vanilla, I don't even know why I'm doing this. porn is welcome but NOT a must by any means.

1. AUs- pro sports (bonus points for well-executed tennis au), college, royalty/courtesans
2. disorders/special powers and skills (special powers with equally positive and negative sides)
3. domesticity
4. sex/making out/anything with clothes only partly on
5. awkward/unintentionally funny sex

fandoms and pairings:

shinee: jonghyun/minho, jonghyun/onew, jonghyun/taemin, onew/minho, key/minho, taemin/minho

snsd: jessica/tiffany, tiffany/anyone, sunny/sooyoung, seohyun/anyone

beast: kikwang/hyunseung, kikwang/junhyung, junhyung/doojoon, doojoon/kikwang, kikwang/dongwoon, dongwoon/anyone

super junior: kyuhyun/sungmin, eunhyuk/donghae, kyuhyun/donghae, sungmin/donghae,

dbsk: jaejoong/yoochun, yoochun/junsu, jaejoong/changmin

crossover pairings (includes all groups above + f(x), big bang, cnblue,, boa, 2ne1, iu, shin sekyung, jang geunseok): jonghyun/kyuhyun, onew/hyoyeon, taemin/krystal, changmin/jessica, onew/yonghwa, changmin/tiffany, jay/jessica, heechul/yoona, sungmin/sooyoung, onew/doojoon, jonghyun/junhyung, heechul/geunseok, minho/luna, luna/iu, jonghyun/sekyung, yoochun/boa, in beast, top/dara

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