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shinee @ music core march 24, 2012

writing this up now rather than later so I don't forget the details.

I woke up at 6:30, after showering last night I just threw clothes on and makeup and walked out the door. we walked to the bus stop at 7 and took a bus straight out to a major bus stop in ilsan/goyang a few blocks from the mbc dream center. I knew there would be a lot of waiting so in addition to the sherlock album/proof of my itunes download I brought some homework, a bag of frosted flakes, a water bottle, and a box of peppero. I'm really classy.

it was a clusterfuck the whole way through, but especially so when we first got there. there was no one telling us where to go or what to do so we had to either use crap korean or find other foreigners and figure out what the hell was going on. finally we got in line and then there was about 30-40 minutes of standing outside in the windy cold tundra hell. seriously it was march 24th and fucking freezing. FINALLY they actually let us in the mbc building, and then we sat down and this girl came around asking us what kind of cred we had to get in. for shinee, if you don't have the shinee world membership card, it doesn't matter what else you have, you're immediately last priority. so, in other words, I didn't actually need to buy sherlock online AND in person, but oh well, I guess? I ended up being S5 (last priority), number 117. around this time I freaked out because it seemed extremely unlikely we would get in. I get extremely stressed very easily, and despite being stressed so much my body takes it very harshly. I didn't sleep well the night before and woke up with my heart pounding each time, and once we were waiting I spent a lot of time in the bathroom.

at 10am shinee taped their sherlock perf, and only first priority people got into that. at that point they told us to come back at 1:30 for the stranger perf, but even then we might not get in. it takes a long time to get from my dorm to mbc, plus there was no way I wanted to do this again, so I was like whatever, I'm staying no matter what. we did homework and talked to friends online in the cafe next to the lobby and then finally got back in line.

on a side note, when I was planning this adventure a lot of people told me it would be easier to get into music core for a lesser known artist. this is true, but ONLY if the lesser known artist is actually the artist you want to see. shinee didn't perform during the airing of the show, so if you went to the show proper you wouldn't see them perform at all, and if you stood in line for ledapple or b1a4 you saw their prerecording only, not shinee's. plus, b1a4 was actually harder to get in than shinee, despite there being less people--their official fanclub was established a while ago and they were turning away anyone that wasn't officially registered. if you're not a shawol you can get into mucore, you just...have to wait a lot.

finally they handed out fanchant cards for the stranger perf, and that was a glimmer of hope because we got one, and I figured if they weren't going to let us in, why waste that paper on us? we finally got waved through and I actually screamed several times it was really embarrassing, and then I hugged jessica and freaked out because, well, shinee. we didn't end up having the best view of them (there were two sections, one right in front of the stage and one sort of behind it and to the left, and we were in the latter) but it's the closest I've ever been to them. if you watch the video I am a part of those fanchants! lmao.

they performed stranger I think four or five times. they were drinking a lot of water and fanning themselves (the room was ridiculously hot) but otherwise they seemed mostly all right. they also had a lot of "false starts" where like they would start shooting the intro (if you watch the perf on youtube, when they all got spotlighted), but something went wrong and they would have to start over. the best one was when the spotlight hit minho and he LOOKED AWAY from the camera, but the crew didn't realize until jonghyun had already started singing and the lights went off and he was like :( and minho kind of shrugged like "sorry guys" lmao.

like at smtown 2010, jonghyun and key are the most audible, I could almost always hear them clearly over the crowd sound. onew varied depending on the notes he was hitting; minho and taemin I couldn't hear well enough to distinguish their real voice from the backtrack. it bears repeating that key is really, REALLY charismatic. when he's at the front of the group you just can't take your eyes after him, he works every second and hits every move hard. I've heard accounts that he gets lazy when he's not in front, but I watched him and he usually hit his moves harder than onew/jonghyun, who were pretty lax. but stranger is also easy choreo so they probably all laze through it to an extent. I'm biased, but key and jonghyun were ridiculously hot irl, although onew looked particularly nice and minho did too. no comment on taemin he is still 12 okay.

jonghyun went from being ridiculously adorable during the recording to a huge troll. they needed the fans to be quiet so he put his finger to his lips, and when the fans slowly started quieting down he had this dumb pleased smile on his face, like "look at all my bitches" idk. but he was the one who engaged the crowd by /far/ the most between takes, he was talking to the fans a lot. I didn't make out 80% of what he said but he asked us if we'd eaten. he also waved at us a toooooon and since he was wearing a jacket he took it off when they were done and revealed his ~*biceps*~ and waved to us some more before running off. onew also talked to the crowd for a bit, but again I didn't catch what he said. minho and taemin were mostly quiet but they did some of the sherlock dance steps for us (they were either trolling or knew that the fans who get in for stranger don't get to see sherlock, and vice versa). key waved and smiled at us.

shawols are HILARIOUS. they all look pretty young and were just so ridic during the filming. this girl behind me loved key and kept yelling "kim kibum you're so handsome!" I was like you're adorable but girl he knows he's hot, HE HAS A MIRROR. and then she screamed like mad every time he appeared. the woman who had to herd the fans seemed to have some humor about it though, she talked to some of the fans and I couldn't make it out but it seemed like she was teasing them. other shawols shared their food with us when we were waiting in line or when we were waiting outside for the fanmeeting shared their portable tvs so we could all watch mucore together. everyone screamed whenever jonghyun did something sexy; I wouldn't say jonghyun is the most popular member (they all got tons of screams) but he is the one who inspires the most orgasms. I am not a fan of the process for getting into music shows at all, but I came away with a good impression of kshawols.

for the record, I did not yell anything vulgar at shinee! although I did yell "이태민 머리가 못 생겼다" which is probably a grammatically incorrect way of saying "lee taemin your hair is ugly". because baby dat weave.

after stranger was over we had to wait some more for the mini fanmeeting, some of that waiting inside and some of it inexplicably outside. it was so. fucking. cold. no love for the weather. however, they gave us official shinee balloons which is probs not a big deal for kshawols but a BIG deal for us, and everyone was allowed to get in the fanmeeting (I would say most people who stuck around got into either sherlock or stranger, but I don't know for sure). for that, we were brought into the lobby and sat on the floor in a really neat rectangle and were told, several times, not to say /anything/. instead of cheering we were supposed to wave the balloons I guess.

shinee came out for the fanmeeting in their sherlock clothes; overall jonghyun and key talked the most, closely followed by minho. at first they thought the silent balloon cheering was really cute and they imitated us (minho grabbed a balloon from a fan and started waving it around, jonghyun waved his hands around like a loser), but it clearly started creeping them out, because they would talk at us and all they'd hear would be the sound of balloons going through the air. finally minho was like PLEASE TALK and of course all the fans started screaming, to the great dismay of the staff lmao. jonghyun followed suit and then we screamed some more, and from then on hell broke loose. fans were still really quiet whenever the group said anything (and if it was obvious they weren't done talking they would just wave the balloons around) but the minute they stopped screams erupted. all of this because jongho give no fucks. they went around saying the typical "we're sorry it took so long to prepare this album, please love sherlock" messages, and then each of them went around saying I love you to the fans. onew did it very formally, taemin sighed heavily before doing it really cutely (and when jjong handed him the mike he turned completely to him, I guess he was egging him on?). then they got in a huddle and did a chant with the fans, but I couldn't make it out, and finally they jumped into the front of the crowd and took a picture with all of us before leaving.

the shinee promotional truck was outside when the fanmeeting was over, and a ton of shawols stayed in front of it to do the fanchants TO THE MUSIC VIDEO. I was like dude it is freezing and you have this mv at home on your harddrive and shinee isn't even here water you doing??? there were also people waiting for shinee's van to come out, and I was like why would I do that when I've already seen their faces and not the windows of the cars. so we ate and then went home. I think I burst into tears from relief/happiness/stress at dinner, because /god/. we saw shinee twice and it ended up being worth it, but not without a lot of effort.

by the numbers, I woke up at 6:30, got to mbc around 8, waited from 8-2:30 to get into stranger, waited from 3:30-5:30 to get into the fanmeeting, got back to my dorm at 8:30. 14-hour trip, wooooo.

-getting into a comeback stage is really fucking stressful (but awesome if you get in)
-minho is a troll
-key is really hot
-onew is a sweetheart
-jonghyun is a really friendly troll
-jongho are dumb bros who give no fucks
-taemin's weave is horrifying but I still love him
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and when the fans slowly started quieting down he had this dumb pleased smile on his face, like "look at all my bitches" idk.

i'm dying laughing.

although I did yell "이태민 머리가 못 생겼다" which is probably a grammatically incorrect way of saying "lee taemin your hair is ugly".


cries i love how jongho just messed up everything the staff did to have it quiet but i can imagine like you're talking to people and they're just ^____^ WAVES BALLOON AT YOU!!! how unnatural lol

i'm glad that i always hear that onew is a sweetheart. and jjong i'm not surprised about, in his fancams he's always being fanservice-y with the crowd and now i think jongho are my brotp.

wow 14 hours @_@ i'm glad it ended up turning out alright! though you had a rough start i'm envious haha