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nautisch ([personal profile] nautisch) wrote2013-01-30 06:57 pm

katie's hopefully good diet plan!

this is for personal reference really but if you are reading this and have dieting/weight loss ideas please help a girl out

katie is going to lose weight by:

-only one cookie for dessert. two scoops of ice cream if I have ice cream. no milkshakes because my stomach will kill me from the inside.
-no more soda because my stomach tries to kill me from the inside every time I drink it (unless I REALLY need to stay awake and then sprite is acceptable)
-only one donut at brunch if I want a donut!
-don't eat at the coop too much because it makes me sick
-don't buy frosted flakes. they are acceptable as snacks.
-buy bread to make peanut butter sandwiches. butter snaps or something stolen from the cafeteria would be good sides for wednesdays when I have work during dinner.
-buy the salad dressing I like and bring it to the dining halls so I will actually eat salad.

-tennis class two times a week
-swim or bike/treadmill while doing readings on other days (two or three?)
-try and do ab exercises/yoga poses in my bedroom