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~indian wells~ days three and four, compiled in one post because we got out of our session on day three at midnight and like hell was I posting then :|

shirtless murray, lots of rafa, chinese womance, spanish bromance, and roddick )
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and now I present to dream shinee concept.

here are the concept photos.

and here is the mv set.

MAKE IT HAPPEN SM. also I expect jonghyun to be the one coming out of the floor playing a musical instrument, thank you. :333

p.s. george kind of looks like kyuhyun y/y.
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jongyu ~pimp post~

by: me (with random comments from the peanut gallery aka sonali)

so this is pretty much a pimp post for the jonghyun/onew shinee otp, and I fangirl talk about the two of them individually as well, so you can read even if you're not familiar with them. and you should because jongyu is precious. :DDDD

warning: gif heavy pimp post is gif heavy. go at your own risk.

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okay well proof that they're obvs in love
start from the beginning~
ie yunhanam
and the best jongyu moment ever

jongyu pimp post! )
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yeah, I'm that bored. go ask me things~

in other news, I go back to school on sunday. I'm so fucking nervous I can't even describe it. I haven't packed yet, I haven't rewatched pride and prejudice yet, and I haven't finished (I've barely started, really) the fic I was going to finish before I got back to school. I feel like such a failure. D: god I have so much shit to do omg. and I don't want to leave my cat sobs.
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stimmingskanone --> nautisch

i.e. going from one misspelled german word to a correctly spelled, shorter one, making my life a million times easier in the process. :D

nautisch = nautical in german. rofl I'm very predictable.
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