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pretend this is a beast icon

pictures from kmf 2010 from me. they're not like, up close and personal shots, but hey I did what I could with my 12x zoom.

before I start I should mention that I didn't actually get to see the wonder girls perform. my friend and I had to catch the last train leaving la back to college which meant we left right before they started. sunye and yeeun did sing with a trot singer though, so we saw them. but hey, I didn't go for the wonder girls, so idrc.

lol yes, that is a dancing beer bottle.

there were also dancing soju bottles!

GORGEOUS FLIGHT ATTENDANTS. basically pre-concert a ton of people were handing out free stuff but the lines for the free stuff were hella long so I didn't really bother. and I mean, what would I have done with the free stuff. carried it around. :\

instead I sold my previous ticket for half the price to an ahjumma who gasped when I said "I speak korean" in korean lol and then proceeded to haggle with her in korean. and then practically kissed her feet when she bought the ticket.

this boy. is dressed. as hyoyeon. I have some videos of this fierce asian guy dancing to oh and crazy because of you but I need to upload those :\

if I had to rank fangirl/fanboy presence, it was 2pm > beast > kara > wonder girls, although the cheers for wg were still loud as fuck. nichkhun got the loudest cheers of any single person (seriously when his face was on the big screen all I could hear was screaming). there were still a TON of b2utys or whatever they're called, so I was happy.

hell yeah korean percussion!

haha and nicole did a great job, even if haha is kind of batshit crazy. nicole would say between every few acts "hey are you guys having fun?" which made me happy because I've only had a year of korean and so most of the talking was over my head. TY NICOLE.

BEAST WAS FIRST!! fangirls started running down the aisles I swear. and then I tried to hoist myself onto the back of the section in front of me to take pictures and the security guard pulled me down so I went back to my seat. so my pictures...aren't great T_____T they sang easy, then mystery, then shock, and they did some talking and introductions which made me happy :DDD

and then I was like, damn you's a sexy bitch

KIKWANG LIFTED HIS SHIRT DURING MYSTERY. I was like hohoho :Q also I met a girl who stalked beast at their hotel and said that dongwoon was...tall and kikwang is really handsome and nice. not that any of that but I was still like :DDD

their outfits ~sparkle~

this is my failed otp shot. because kikwang started moving and then he blended in with the crowd and...yeah. T____T

"SOOOO BEAST! 안녕하세요, 비스트입니다!" and then the crowd screamed. a lot.

unf doojoon. I couldn't even see the details of his face and I was swooning.

if anything, I'm used to taking action shots with 12x zoom (thank you, tennis matches and baseball games).

DDDDDD: come back!

and then this lady came on. and I was like lmfao what is this.

leessang were really good! the girl had a great voice and they sang some songs that got people pretty pumped. nicole and haha were in the wings of the stage grooving. it was adorable.

haha grabbed a girl from the poolside section and brought her on stage and sang to her and did some night at the roxbury type things and it was kind of hilarious and D: at the same time.

I don't know this trot singer's name, but she sang a song with snsd on a music show recently? and she sang the same song with sunye, yeeun, gyuri, and seungyeon the only girl group singers present with singing ability. sunye is gorgeous I hate her.

a song about the world cup with haha, kim jong kook, 2pm, and kara. it was cute idk.

by far the fiercest non-idol there. she spoke a ton of english and the poolside section was going crazy for her and she was like "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM DO YOU" and they just...screamed louder. and the absolute best was when she sang amazing grace and then she was like "now I'm going to sing it for the koreans" and SANG IT TROT STYLE MOCKINGLY LMFAO

ok taekyeon, you are a tease. a fucking tease. no seriously he kept bending down and giving girls in the poolside section the eye and I was just sobbing.

A DECENT SHOT!!!!!! although ngl I was pissed that they performed again and again although they did skip jay's parts. just...idk it rubbed me the wrong way especially since that's the song they started with. the fangirls rushed the stairs so much that you couldn't even move, I had to stand on my seat to even get these pictures.

btw, when khun introduced himself, and I quote: WASSUP MY LADIES DIS IS NICHKHUN. oh honey. no.

they did again and again/heartbeat/without u/a bunch of random shit and then left. also: nichkhun was all WASSUP MY LADIES DIS IS NICHKHUN and taek was like dlkgjldf lol fuck my life now I have to top that. taekhun is really real.

LISTEN EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON btw khun looks terrible with that blond hair. I mean TERRIBLE. the big screens would focus on him and I'd be like aww khun oh wait D8 THAT HAIR. they've all improved on live singing (especially junho) but either chansung's mic was bad or he was just plain awful. his heartbeat rap was a mess. I couldn't tell if taek was pausing for ~stage presence~ like gd and cl do or because he was out of breath. khun's rapping was...interesting. :|

kara. I think seungyeon's arm is broken? poor girl. they did lupin/honey/mister. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DO HONEY I WAS SO HAPPY NOT KNOWING HOW THAT SONG WENT. the fanboys jizzed in their pants especially during mister for obvious reasons.

aaaaaand kim jong kook. he was adorable and great and haha was like, grinding on him half the time dlkfjgldf lol.

yeah. um. that's pretty much it sobs. fail zoomed pictures ftw.

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