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Give me a link to one of my fics, and I'll give you three details that didn't make it into the fic. Background canon, deleted scenes, or a look into the future. My choice, but if you have a specific question you can ask it in your request.

feel free to ask about more than one fic.

sweet sweet procrastination.

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deleted ideas- one of my original ideas was that sooyoung and sunny would run away with sungmin as an attempt to delay their donations, and I was going to get into the more sexual aspects of the book. this didn't happen because a) it upset the balance between each snippet, and b) I can't write sex to save my life.

background canon- shinee and f(x) weren't academy students. in an earlier draft of yoona's part she called the academy the "sm" academy and I remember taking it out for this exact reason. in retrospect, I don't know why I did this.

the future- although it took years, jessica did find a publisher that wanted the publicity that would come with such a controversial topic. not surprisingly, her book was a favorite among righteous college kids, but she completed before its release.

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this is interesting, especially the sunny/sooyoung/sungmin parts. MAYBE SOMEDAY YOU CAN WRITE A SEPARATE STORY.

i have a few questions about this story! just never got around to asking you because i suck at actually doing stuff ;__; what is your opinion on never let me go. mostly asking this because i know that it's one of those books where some people really like it and others who don't like it. was it something easier to write for because of the story's idea or something harder? lol this wasn't supposed to sound like an interview.

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cries if I ever learn how to write sex...which will be never. :(

I loved never let me go. it's actually weird because outside of fic I prefer reading nonfiction books, but I bought it to read on the plane when I was coming home for a break. I finished it right before we landed and cried as the plane pulled in, which is also weird because I never cry over anything fictional. BACK ON TOPIC the fact that I loved the book so much meant that I picked that prompt out immediately, but it was also daunting because there's no way to compete with the original. I tried to adjust the world to fit snsd rather than the other way around, since that was the only way it would possibly work, but I remember a few anons mentioned it was too close to the source material and I can't argue with that. in general, I still think the fic lacks in comparison to the source material, but at the same time I enjoyed writing it and it was a huge learning experience as far as writing snsd goes.

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dw you will lose your writing virginity. maybe you will meet a man named heinz hummer in germany and he will entice you to write sex.

anons said that, really?? i was just about to say that i liked how balanced your fic was. it was close to the source material in some ways, but it was extremely different by not having any known tommy-ruth-kathy characters (which probably would have been sungmin/sunny/sooyoung). SOBS i'm really glad you liked the book and picked it out of the prompts because it produced a really good snsd fic and it erased my worries that you didn't enjoy writing something based off the source material since it seems so challenging to write fic of. wow long sentence is long but i can't express my thoughts any other way.

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crying can his name be mats hummels instead of heinz hummer :9999999 omg mats hummels. breathes slowly.

there was a bit of concrit on meme which was good for me because it was my first time writing snsd as standalone characters. SOBS YOU ARE SO CUTE CAN I PUT YOU IN MY POCKET. no I did not...not enjoy writing this don't even :(

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why would you want a futbol player instead of the male gigolo with the most below. you're lucky i approve!!

YOU THINK I'M CUTE?? MUST TELL MY PARENTS. sobbing it's bc i get extremely paranoid that people don't enjoy writing challenges or exchanges. especially when it's gift fic. changing the subject. WHY DON'T YOU WRITE MORE OF THESE NINE LOVELY LADIES.

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oooh this meme seems pree cool.

how about some deets from your masterpiece? :D?

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cries when you said masterpiece I was like . . . durr

background canon is reality so I will talk about my process! um this is (obviously, I think) one of the fics I have the most notes for. I still have a word doc in my fanfic folder that has all of my sujushinee predebut+postdebut notes and a wikipedia style summary of almost everything that happened in the fic. T_____T it wasn't until later that I realized just how much information is out about smtowners' lives, especially in terms of predebut. when I was doing the same research for a beast fic there were no clear timelines for a lot of the members (since they switched companies a lot) and some reports seemed to contradict themselves. >:(

deleted scenes/ideas- when I started researching predebut stuff I actually looked up stuff for all the sm groups, thinking I could write about all of them and still have an overarching story. the fic already has a ton of sungmin but there was originally going to be more; my original idea was to write a huuuuuge smtown predebut extravaganza with 2hyun and sungmin/sooyoung and other little things. but as I researched and plotted I realized how much I shipped 2hyun and threw everything else out the window. MORAL OF KATIE'S THOUGHT PROCESS: 1) too much ambition, 2) there is always a place for minyoung until there isn't one. sob.

the future- lol I actually wanted to end it at the 2009 awards show where they hugged like freaks in their ugly suits, but the ending with shinee's debut/smtown 08 ended up working way better. sm the ballad is the best epilogue to this fic I could have asked for tbh.

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correction: there is always a place for minyoung. AND NOTHING ELSE AFTER.

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dnangel fic:

background canon- they live in seoul, obviously. key was a prince in a last life, I'm not sure why I didn't include that detail. ripping off dnangel for a fic was an idea I really liked and bounced around a lot, I originally wrote a shihan with heechul as dark in like...2008 and never posted it because it was horrible. then I did an onho with minho as daisuke and key as dark and that ended up being the basis for what eventually became this fic.

deleted scenes- I don't have any. :(

future- threesomeeeeee NO I'M KIDDING. jonghyun slowly accepts key existing part of minho and there is much rejoicing.

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background canon: making this up on the spot doojoon likes gina because she's humble and kind and adorable and gina likes him because he has such a big heart and knows that her eyes are not on her boobs. they're like the awkward kids that you know want to bang each other but they're stupid and oblivious.

deleted scenes: none! I will take this opportunity to beg the world to write this pairing.

future- doojoon is all >:((( when he isn't picked for the black and white mv and the band laughs at him and then gina asks if he wants to get dinner between a music show taping and practice and they have one of those awkward adorable chaste first kisses :3

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write the date :( pls :( it's so cute :(((

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nooooooooo :( why can't someone else write this pairing THEY'RE PERFECT

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SO DEMANDING does minyoung first

background canon- I wrote this as if sungmin and sooyoung lived in washington dc and attended georgetown university. random setting is random. also, this was turned in for my creative writing class which I was taking during the semester I wrote this, and I changed the names :D

deleted scenes- I honestly don't think I had any? if anything I would have added more minyoung fluff and maybe an interaction between kyu and sooyoung before the beginning of the story's timeline. but since I did this on a nonflexible school deadline the finished story is pretty accurate to my original idea.

the future- ...I never thought about this...I guess it could go one of two ways: kyuhyun kills sungmin, or kyuhyun covers his tracks well and sungmin moves into a different apartment because there are too many memories in that one.

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kyuhyun covers his tracks well and sungmin moves into a different apartment because there are too many memories in that one.

:( they were so perfect :( what would've happened to kyuhyun after this alternate ending, though?

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...I don't know...I remember when I was writing it the possibility of him being arrested didn't even cross my mind, so I guess it would turn into a cold case and he would live normally :\
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So I was looking for 'Seaside' in your fic journal and couldn't find it :| It's still HERE, though! Haha. So, um, Seaside? :)

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dear god I haven't looked at this fic since I turned it in that summer and fucking shudders it is SO BAD I will try and say things about it if I have to I guess :|
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IT IS NOT BAD, OKAY D< If it makes you feel so uncomfortable, though, I can choose another one? :(

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lol no you asked for it and I knew someone would. and I actually put a fair amount of thought into this even if I'd rather not...think about it...

background canon- I actually...set a real's a town close to where my extended family shares a cabin in the woods. the ice cream shop is real (both the one at the beginning with key and at the end with onew), the chocolate shop is real, and I actually described jonghyun's house based on a real house there. I find this all really creepy in retrospect????? but at the time it made for intricate planning.

deleted scenes- originally taemin was going to be a skank whore for minho and there was going to be a whole sideplot about it. that was toned down considerably because a) I became a better writer between planning and writing and realized that was messed up and b) I think I found out people didn't like 2min and decided not to do it because of that too? kind of stupid tbh.

I don't have any ideas about the future, but another background thing- originally jongyu were going to have superpowers and that would be why they liked each other. I kind of got rid of that because it was a) ridiculous and b) the fic had too much other stuff going on. the problem was that I established that but then I went nowhere with it, which is one of the many reasons that fic is a mess.

and the reason it's not crossposted is because I don't want anyone to find it, but that hasn't worked so well D:

I'm sorry this comment is so bipolar :( it is a long story but I'm really embarrassed by this fic. but the questions were really easy to answer!
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I never realized I never replied to this!

RE: Background, wow. Basing the setting on a real place makes this ten times more awesome :)

RE: Deleted scenes, Loling at scrapping the 2Min part. They're pretty well-received, though? Ngl, it'll be interesting seeing you write 2Min.

And hmm, you're right about getting rid of the superpowers thing. It would've been lame if they got together only because of that.

:((( But it was so nice! Also, I am a professional stalker, so your secrets are not safe from me! >D

Aww :( I'm really sorry for even bringing it up and thank you so much for actually replying to my request :) ILU KATIE

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LOL I will get to this

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makes shit up

background canon- taek having lady parts happened during hot blood boys, so it's on tape. (s)he also got drunk and slept with nichkhun, but neither of them remember. only jay does. this is why he's not in 2pm. also they're vampires.

deleted scenes- . . .

the future- juju is a boy again. beast gave him dresses and makeup for his birthday to piss him off.

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also they're vampires.

lmfao waylt

dresses and makeup would elicit the most excellent grumpy juju response!

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okay you know it's true.

sob I just imagined that little doodle in a pink princess dress and pearls...

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LOL OMG SO PERFECT. with like, teased hair

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sobbing this needs to exist

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katie, this! (:

the first fic of yours i read and commented on even though it was 32809482019841 months late ): ♥

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sobs i love you :(

background canon: everyone's background is somewhat similar to their real lives. key comes from a rich family outside of the city, which is why he leaves for christmas. taemin, onew, and jonghyun have lived in seoul all their lives, and since key and minho are out of towners jonghyun only met them in college.

deleted scenes: I could not decide how to end this. [ profile] undamage suggested that jongyu team up all light and misa style (except jonghyun would be smarter than misa). in the first ending I decided on, onew shot jonghyun down as he left his apartment and called the police. but neither of them...seemed consistent with the characterization? so it ended the way it did.

the future: jonghyun never finds onew, but has a loose idea of murders he thinks onew did. onew...I have no idea.

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sobs, but it was absolutely perfect. i mean the ending. no doubt it gave me creeps and stuff, but it was absolutely awesome ;; i kinda love these kinda fics with no ending, and lets you imagine everything (:

what's your b2st OTP btw! (: and and and, could i request something? ):

ilu too, katie ):

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I don't really have a beast otp? I fluctuate between kikwang/different people. my flavor of choice right now is kikwang/hyunseung but I like him with everyone. I'm also really fond of doojoon/junhyung. :3

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hmm... I wonder if you still respond to this... (not that I really think I would know, I don't know how livejournal works) but I would love to know more about and

which was like, the best story I have ever read. Seriously. And I really wanna know more, especially others powers.

Plus you need to continue this. Maybe with other artist outside of SM?

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sobs I'm really glad you liked it! um, I actually had two side fics for this originally, one following minji/2ne1 and another that gave backstory for the rest of smtown. I was unsure about my characterization and in some parts the writing, so I never finished/posted them. unfortunately I'm an sm stan and my 2ne1 knowledge is very low as it is, so if I ever did write more I'd stay within that group :\ but anyway, I'm really glad you liked the story and am honored that you decided to ask about it :")

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hehe, really. I mean, I usually hate reading kpop fanfics, but then came across it on my taeminzy craze, and I absolutely LOVED it. AND OMG, I would have LOVED to read those two side fics!! But yeah, I'm new to kpop, so I totally get about not knowing enough about certain groups, though I could literally imagine what Minji was feeling when she recieved the letters, that was my favorite part, the letters Taemin sent to Minji! but still, it was awesome and I still reread it even now!
But I have a question. Would you allow me to write a follow up, with Minji's POV? I can't really promise, cause like I said, I'm not big on KPOP fanfics, but I feel like this really needs a continuation. It was that AWESOME!!! :D:D:D:D